“Joy Ride”

Joy Ride
(Dusty Marie)

See the fire
In your eyes
Burnin’ bright
Feels so right
We come alive
On this drive
Open road
And windows
J Lo
On the radio
We don’t know
Where we’ll go
Or Mexico

We ain’t got no where we got to be
We can go a little wild and free

Not gonna stop no way
Til we see the light of the day, day, day
Fast and so unchained
Like a bullet train
Right here by your side
Got me feeling so high as we fly, fly, fly
Under a starlit sky
On this joy ride, joy ride

Flashing lights
From behind
Trying to find
The state line
Running wild
From that guy
His watchful eye
And his fines
Waving ciao
To him now
In a shroud
Of dust cloud
With speed unbound
And music loud
Couldn’t shut us down

[Repeat pre-chorus]

[Repeat chorus]


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