“Queen of Tennessee”

Queen of Tennessee
(Dusty Marie)

She was always a little strange
Goin’ her own way
Blazin’ a trail or two
She was always a little wild
But oh such a sweet child
Doin’ all the things that little girls do

Her folks thought she’d settle down
Live in that small town
And raise a child of her own
But she had other plans
Her eyes on that promised land
So she set out to make it alone

Well she headed west
And out of that town
Her dreams on the line
There’s no stoppin’ her now

She’s rockin’ that stage and singin’ her songs
All the folks in the crowd are singin’ along
She looks every bit like a country star
Now that little town’s just a memory
All the people there they just couldn’t see
They never thought she’d ever make it this far
No, they never guessed she’d turn out to be
The queen of Tennessee

Her folks back home can’t believe their eyes
My oh my what a surprise
Their little girl puttin’ on such a show
All the neighbors they can’t believe their ears
My oh my what is that they hear
That little girl’s voice on the radio

[Repeat chorus]


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